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Delivering an Industry 4.0 competitive advantage by data sourcing and analysis through Automation, Asset Performance Management, Predictive Programs, Precision Maintenance, and Prescriptive Analytics.


Datamura Solutions is committed to providing our customers with a holistic approach to asset management. It is based on an integrated data analysis system that provides a framework for efficient and innovative decisions. ​

Datamura Solution’s mission is to provide process and architecture to integrate data from multiple sources to provide intelligence for both tactical and strategic decisions. 

"Amura" means intelligent, wise, insights, and sharp-sighted.  Stakeholders in a company need to continuously review the strategy, based on quality data analysis, and ensure the future roadmap is adaptable and integrated into the changing environment to achieve the vision and goals.


Our vibrant team brings years of experience combined with leading-edge technological ideas.  Our consultants come with well-rounded knowledge, experience, current thought processes, and solutions. At Datamura we focus on implementing new business processes, practices, systems, technologies, data management, and analytics.  Our approach to providing an Enterprise Knowledge System focusses on the following:

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