Innovation Starts at Datamura

At Datamura we constantly strive to find innovative solutions to the most challenging problems. We believe change is an opportunity to grow and prosper beyond measure. 


We support our customers to adapt to the evolving trends, by integrating data from various sources and providing the intelligence framework for astute decision making. 

Our vibrant team brings years of experience combined with leading-edge technological ideas.  Our consultants come with a well-rounded knowledge, experience and the current thought process and solutions around business process and practices, systems and technology, data management and analytics. Our consultants are empowered to improve the business process to bring transformation to the organization

We are committed to our customers, employees and contractors in providing an environment that will foster camaraderie, continuous learning, innovation and growth.


Engineers assist with the implementation of Automation and Efficiency, Asset Performance Improvement and Analytics Projects, for major contracts in an industrial or facilities environment, such as life sciences & pharmaceuticals, utilities, and manufacturing. The Engineer shall coordinate, prepare, review, and analyze equipment and material databases to recommend the best maintenance practices and predictive or preventive test methods for attaining customer-specified operational reliability.

Data Architects & Application Developers

A System Architect and Data Management resource works as a consulting team member on project implementation, integration, enhancement or other assigned projects. Primary job responsibility will be to support integration of systems and associated hardware requirements, data architecture and management of best practices, enterprise reporting and analytics functions. 

Engineering Class


An Intern would be a team member on engineering and data management projects whose primary role is to assist the team with various tasks associated with project implementation, data management, and other assigned projects.  The team typically engages in the areas of Data Management, Asset Tracking, Drawing Compliance, and Automation Support for major customers in an industrial or facilities environment, such as life sciences & pharmaceuticals, utilities, and manufacturing.