At Datamura we support our customers to adapt to the evolving trend, by integrating data from various sources and providing the intelligence framework for astute decision making.



Process Optimization and Transformation

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​Datamura unearths opportunities for operations optimization, quality improvement, predictive maintenance and inventory optimization.  We support organizations to achieve sustainable and effective process improvements and transformation by providing robust structure and discipline to make decisions.  We bring a unique framework of system and data integration tools and methodologies which brings focus to the data that is currently not utilized or underutilized. Our process frameworks include, among others:

  • Strategic Asset Management and Performance Optimization

  • Facilities Intelligence Framework – Data Integration to Intelligence

  • Risk Based Asset Performance Management 


Data Integration and Correlation

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​Organizations are in the middle of a revolution in data driven technology solutions for process improvements to gain efficiency and competitive advantage.  Datamura supports organizations to change the current decision-making landscape by capturing, analyzing, integrating, correlating vast amount of data from a wide range of sources.  Our Data Integration to Intelligence Framework includes: 

  • Setting up Data Lakes, based on the business objectives

  • Digitalization of information for easy access

  • Data Management framework and algorithms to allow fully connected network of information

  • Data review for quality and translation

  • Data relationship optimization for efficient correlation and analysis


Systems and Technology Harmonization

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New technologies like big data, data analytics for decisions, machine learning, artificial intelligence etc. is requiring the organization to adapt to unprecedented analysis of real-time data and predictive models for intelligence.  Datamura works with the organization to understand the usage of the existing systems and develop a strategy for integration of systems and technology.  Our innovative team brings a framework for integrating technology and risk based approaches to operations and maintenance strategy which includes:

  • 3-D Engineering and Architectural Drawings

  • Strategic Asset Management Portal

  • Facilities Intelligence Dashboard 

  • QR Code

  • Mobile Solutions

  • System Integration Framework


Advanced Analytics and Innovation

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With the advent of big data concepts and structure it is vital for the continued success of a business to harness the power of data extensively to become more responsive, competitive, and innovative.   Datamura assists customers to gain richer insights into the process and efficiency gains by interrelating data from multiple sources to reveal hidden patterns and relationships.  Datamura supports customers to implement advanced analytics tools and techniques to discover deeper insights, make predictions, or generate recommendations which includes:

  • Predictive Analytics

  • Precision Analytics

  • Key Performance Indicators