Mr. Robert MacArthur

Managing Partner and CEO

Datamura Solutions, LLC (formerly known as Data Acuity Solutions, LLC) is formed by recognized leaders within industrial automation, enterprise asset management and information system services to assist customers with process improvement, implementation of integrated technology and provide data analytics solutions. 


Our leadership team comes with a rich pedigree of 30+ years of experience supporting industrial companies, as a Strategic Partner in Enterprise Asset Management (“EAM”) and maintenance improvement services, supporting the implementation, enhancement, and continuous improvement of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (“CMMS”), maintenance best practices, reliability programs, precision maintenance, training and enterprise asset management programs. 


Our leadership team have been involved in providing strategic solutions to customers, working at various sites, throughout the globe including North America, South America, Europe and Asia.  We have worked closely with our customers to develop, implement and train on methodologies, standard operating procedures, and performance metrics.  Understanding that the goal is to strengthen our customer’s internal skills and processes, we have created intellectual capital, documentation, training, and a knowledge transfer process to implement and sustain maintenance and asset management excellence.


Mr. VJ Venkatraman

President, and COO

 Burton MacArthur


Don Frankel


Bob Fei