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Maintenance and Management of Engineering Change Requests: Project Conception through Turnover Documentation

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Continuing in our Digitalization of Asset Management Online Learning Series, this session will outline the importance of optimizing your change control processes to ensure long-term data integrity. Utilizing a client customizable solution we specialize in transforming out-of-date processes into the workflows of modern facilities. Leveraging System Harmonization and Data Integration tools, the full scope of the Engineering Change is easily viewed and understood by all stakeholders at every level. By adopting this solution, clients can be assured that when a change is complete the information stored in their systems is accurate and reliable for the next engineering change.

During this session, a project engineer, who is hands-on with Process Optimization on a day-to-day basis, will highlight how our data lake framework can create an efficient change management process. They will show how having a robust change management process in place creates an environment where employees are operating at their maximum efficiency.

Focus Areas

1. Project Tracking

  • Asset Linkage

  • Engineering Drawing impacts

  • Turnover Documentation Management

2. Engineering Drawings Changes

  • Project Related Updates

  • Continuous Status Updates

  • Centralization of Change Related Material

3. Documentation Management

  • Turnover Package Acquisition

  • Correlation to Assets

  • Accessibility of Documentation


Online Learning

Datamura Solutions: Trending Sensor Data KPIs for Energy Efficiency and Space Utilization


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This learning session will outline how collecting, analyzing, and displaying a wide range of data enables leading organizations to meet their business objectives. The focus of this session will be how key performance indicators are calculated and trended in the areas of energy efficiency, sustainability, and space utilization. Facilities managers can utilize the insights they gain from these KPIs to make informed decisions as they drive towards their goals.

Highlighted Areas of Performance

  • KPI Tracking Charts

    • Work Orders

    • Reports

    • Building Management Systems

  • Building Utilization

    • Occupancy

  • Facilities Automation Historical Data

    • Facilities Automation Data

    • Electrical Production and Consumption

What the Audience Will Learn

  1. Industry 4.0 Process and Initialization Steps  

  2. How to Establish Performance KPIs

  3. Custom Reporting and CMMS Points of Interest

  4. How to Identify, Manage, and Follow Strategic Business Objectives


Online Learning

Datamura Solutions: How to Maintain and Manage a Digital Master Asset List

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Metal Pipes


This webinar will outline the importance of organizing and maintaining a master asset list and keeping a comprehensive catalog of assets that reside within multiple systems.  Our goal is to communicate how our process and methodology reduce maintenance costs and ensure operational efficiency by effectively measuring the life cycle of an asset (workflow), coupled with easily retrievable asset information tracked from an organized inventory.  


This overview will provide an understanding of Datamura Solutions methods and processes to build a digital Master Asset List, how asset data is correlated and integrated, and finally how the location hierarchy is established.  

Highlighted Areas of Performance

  • Master Asset List  

    • Criticality 

    • Digitized Documentation

  • Asset Correlation 

    • Sourcing & Identification 

    • Calibration, Drawing, and Financial IDs 

  • Location Hierarchy 

    • Filtering 

    •  Visualization

What the Audience Will Learn

  1. Industry 4.0 Process and Initialization Steps  

  2. Data Maintenance and Management Best Practices  

  3. How to establish performance Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), Mean Time Between Repairs (MTTR), Avg. Annual Maintenance Hours (AAMH), Avg. Total Maintenance Cost (ATMC)

  4. Progression Tools and Skills