Datamura's current and completed projects




Our team is currently building and maintaining a Master Asset List that builds a hierarchical structure for a biopharmaceutical company. This is done using well established principles and can be accomplished using an existing CMMS or a custom tool. This list defines the structural data of assets of all types and allows for a basis to track assets across any transactional systems that reference the asset. 


The portal contains various Asset Information such as: Asset Criticality, Drawings, Engineering Drawings Change Request (EDCRs), Manuals, Warranties and Commissioning Documents.

Industrial Building



We are currently implementing the Facilities Intelligence Dashboard to a campus containing multiple buildings to view key metrics and data relationships. This is a customizable solution for the metrics that are relevant for any individual client. For this customer we are providing them with unique data visualization for  Sustainably, Building Usage, Maintenance, and Asset Definition data to meet customer needs.

The benefits of having the dashboard include an increase in the overall equipment efficiency, sustainability parameters for consumption and production, and predictive maintenance analytics to catch potential failures before they happen. 


We use data correlation for product quality measurements since tooling change, machine cycle time since maintenance action, maintenance frequency by product class, and process data pattern recognition leading to maintenance action. By utilizing the different algorithms to monitor trends we were able to correlate manufacturing quality and process data with maintenance actions to predict upcoming maintenance requirements in real time.



Our team has created Building Information Modeling (BIM) models for a large global biopharmaceutical company. We provided MEP/FP, Fire protection plan, Tel/Data. Our design included unique components that accurately reflect as-built conditions.


We create and use BIM to allow multiple stakeholders to collaborate on the planning, design, construction, and facility management using one centralized intelligent 3D model. By using BIM, Datamura provides customers with detailed asset information, accurate 3D building visualization, material costing/specification, and a feasible method for revision management. 



We recently 3D scanned this office space. Our team has accurately 3D scanned over one million sqft of office, lab, and manufacturing space.  Datamura Solutions utilizes various 3D scanning technologies to create a 3D scan of spaces to give a photorealist view. This data is invaluable to numerous groups as it allows for a virtual “walk through” of any space that is captured. This is a snap shot of the space at the time of scanning. For spaces that are subject to reconfiguration frequently these scans would need to be periodically redone in order to maintain and “as-built” conditions.



We are currently consulting with this facility to provide them with QR technology to help technicians on the field accurately access drawings, spec sheets, user manual, SMP, and SOP related to the equipment in one centralized location. By giving technicians this type of accessibility we allow them to effectively reduce the number of hours wasted locating various information about any specific piece of equipment.

Analyzing Data


Our data lake framework facilitates our customers with acquiring, processing, organizing, storing, and validating data. Our data management analysts obtain raw unfiltered data and filter it using various tools. The team is trained at looking for patterns, analyzing data, and presenting it to the clients. Our focus is on data integrity which is achieved by entering accurate and consistent data in our dashboards.